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Alors, c'est la guerre!

That was the answer of the greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas (above), when he was asked by the italian ambassador whether the italian forces would be "allowed" to enter and hold strategic positions within Greek soil. A small yet strong nation withstood the Axis superiority and unlike countries like France, Poland or the Netherlands; scored the first decisive victory against the unstoppable Axis forces.

Within several weeks, the Greek troops managed to drive out the italian forces, that have made a limited incursion in the greek territory. The hellenic command of Epirus and West Macedonia Command counter-attacked and hunted the italian troops inside their own protectorate, Albania. Well within 1941 the Greek troops had managed to invade and control nearly 30% of the Albanian soil.

Any external help from the Allies was near zero throughout 1940; little Greece managed to achieve such a feat alone with not even the proper equipment for winter and mountain warfare. Weapon and hardware imports have been stopped since 1938; when Europe was preparing for the great war without having any luxury of selling weapons to countries such as Greece. Hence, all branches of the armed forces were equiped with at best mid-30's gear.

Here's a collection of pictures of the brave men that intercepted and defeated the fascists, always smilling.

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